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I'm a huge art fan and over time have become increasingly interested in great visual outputs that are also technically impressive. After training in 3D Animation I dove into learning art fundamentals in an effort to master both the creative and the technical aspects of computer graphics.

I committed to become a CG Generalist and that wish continues to be a journey of exploration, education and reeducation.
I found myself very useful in small and medium sized companies where I could develop workflows that focus on speed, flexibility and productivity.

I enjoy problem solving and see limitations as puzzles to solve. Along the way I have fallen in love with productivity and automation and am now using different programming languages. This unlocks greater possibilities to confidently increase a project's scope or to pitch and deliver new solutions and products.

Technology is moving faster than ever now and while I look to the horizon where there is so much exciting new change, I also keep my trusty bag of tricks handy, battle worn and production proven.


Lucas Milner, 3D Visualisation Artist, Coder.

Lucas is a 3D artist with 14 years experience in 3D animation and visualisation, he has worked internationally within the construction and entertainment industry and brings to the team a multifaceted tool set suited to a wide range of project outcomes. He possesses the skills and sensibilities to interpret and create valuable project resources using production proven techniques. Lucas is at ease collaborating with clients and designers and is experienced servicing the corporate, industrial and entertainment industries while keeping their end users and audience in mind.