Road Creator Pro - Available Now!

Road Creator Pro is now available on the store page.

To celebrate, Building Mass Creator will be on sale for $10 until August the 8th. This tool is designed to work alongside Road Creator Pro.

For 3ds Max 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.
Road Creator Pro creates indicative roads, trees, street furniture and building footprints. Used in conjunction with the free 'Road Creator Lite' this tool allows the user to quickly and flexibly create large amounts of roads in very little time.

  • Road Creator Pro supports all unit types.
  • Creates roads with editable widths and intersection fillets.
  • Spawns customisable street trees and street furniture
  • Generates indicative building layouts.
  • Designed to work alongside Building Mass Creator, though not exclusively.
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Script Teaser - Road Creator Pro

Road Creator Pro is currently in a beta testing phase!
Designed for 3ds Max, 'Road Creator Pro' is an extension to the free 'Lite' version and introduces automatic road styles, line markings, custom street trees, animated traffic trails and more.
View a teaser demonstrating a beta feature 'Quick Roads' below:

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Mobile Photogrammetry Hardware Test

I've been testing the Sony Xperia XZ Premium' 3D Capture application as a mobile photogrammetry solution.
As a 1st gen application, it creates reality captures in just a few minutes, It has presets for faces, heads, food and the free form capture mode which I tested while in Auckland NZ. The results are extremely fast and intuitive, and with options to share directly to Sketchfab or email (.obj with 2K texture), it is a convenient and free method of capturing 3D models on the go. The quality is currently about 50% of that of a paid solution, but this is a massive step in the right direction and I foresee mobile solutions available for all major phones as well as a dedicated mobile capture device in the not too distant future. Amazing times are ahead.

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Twisty Tool Preview

Twisty Tool is a scripted abstract procedure turned into a brainstorming tool by way of an easy to use UI. I'd like to a lot more usable variation out of this, or have it handle multiple cases. Please comment if you have an idea for how it could evolve, YouTube video below

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Road Creator Lite

Road Creator Lite allows the user to deal simply with splines representing a road's alignment and then dynamically presents 2 key properties, road width and the fillet value of the intersection, it also quickly lets the user edit the road shape, adding and adjusting existing roads with a simple intuitive method.

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