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Scripts and Downloads

I love ideas and they keep me up at night. You know what else keeps me up at night? ambitious deadlines. In order to achieve high quantity models (which urban design often deals with), I've fallen in love with automation and am growing my knowledge of scripting to help me battle a few monsters. Sometimes I automate a simple task, sometimes a complex one and sometimes an idea pops up for a script that enables a more creative workflow. I will share a few spoils of war here.

citynight copy.jpg

Traffic Trails - creates the effect of long exposure traffic.

I created this vehicle script with MAXScript, I was using 3ds Max 2016 and mental ray at the time, it should run on earlier versions but requires mental ray to be the current renderer. Let me know how it works for you.

Traffic Trails tutorial


ParaTool - a mind bending parametric modelling script

Here is an alpha of my Parametric Tool for #3DSMax you can use it as an abstract brainstorming tool. 

Para Tool tutorial


Cloudy Clouds - creates fluffy clouds with 1 click.

This is an easy, creative way to turn objects into clouds. Should work with any 3DS Max version after 2007, for 2018 I had to revert from mental ray

Cloudy Clouds tutorial